Writing Portfolio

Zandry of Bonewood and Other Stories
Five short fantasy romances
¢0.99 at Smashwords.
25% Free Sample

Zandry of Bonewood (and other stories) will most likely be removed on October 18th — this upcoming Sunday! Get it while you can!


The Information Man
A 1920’s fantasy-mystery, free at Smashwords.
Released 14 June 2014.
After you’ve finished reading it, play the Trivia Guessing Game!



The Carols of Holly House
A holiday fantasy and romance told by a saucy cat named Tristan.
¢.99 at Smashwords.
Released 7 December 2013.
The site post about this book.
Play the Trivia Guessing Game.
Also available at Barnes and Noble for NOOK.

Note: Yes, The Carols of Holly House used to be free, but now it’s as cheap as I’m allowed to make it at Smashwords. I know it’s hard to pay for something sometimes, but you can download a free 30% sample (that’s 30% of the book!) to see if you like it… And if I ever sell any, a significant portion of the amount I make will be donated to a no-kill animal shelter.


Short Stories and [an] Article…

For Hyacinth Noir, the gay pagan’s zine. This is my “literary home.” I love this place, and it’s an essential piece of my life, not just as a writer, but as a seeker of spiritual understanding and my Druid path.

NEWR + M = Love – Lughnasadh story featuring epic, centuries-old lovers Robin Hood and Merlin.

The Willow and the Dove – a retelling of a Grimm fairy tale. This was my first published story.

The Fairies’ Crossing – A new queen defies the prejudicial traditions of her ancestors.

Lughnasadh | Spotlight Issue – I talk about the importance of this celebration using the topics of food, death and remembrance.

The Hero and the Chalice – Lucy is a stay-at-home pagan lesbian mom getting ready for the autumn equinox. This is a personal favorite.

Atticus of the Braithwolds – Atticus, on a long-term retreat for neopagans, encounters a hot bard and a startling new talent. The hottie and the talent are related, but how?

The Memory Collector – A loose retelling of ETA Hoffman’s story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, The Memory Collector follows mysterious and magical minstrel Marin Krespel as he tries to free his lover Haldis from the evil clutches of the underground “king,” Ogstin Marv.

The Hero and the Palace – A continuation of “The Hero and the Chalice.” In this, Darien and his man Piers are holding a handfast at Piers’ parents country place. These characters remain some of my favorites to write about.



Chicago New Town Writers – Off The Rocks! Vol. 17
In this anthology, my story is “The House that Cain Built.” Set in the late 1980’s, with big hair and bangles, housemates Flair and Josie have a special bond that Josie’s boyfriend Josh is trying to usurp. For a sneak-peek of the story, follow this link to the safety of my blog.

The anthology is nice, lots of high-quality stories and poems from all walks of LGBT life, many from the New Town Writers’ crew themselves! Purchase it exclusively on Lulu.com for $13 (plus shipping).

Another anthology I was in got messed up, I’m not in it properly (wrong name), although my story is in there. While the error was disappointing to me personally, I realize that these things happen.


Current Projects…

Working an an assembly of short stories. Planning a short story collection to be released in a few months. Query letters. Editing.


Lore’s Haunts… (most-updated to least-updated)

Blog | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook (currently deactivated)

Twitter: My account is set to Followers Only. But please add me, if you’d like! As long as you’ve not added me and 700 of your closest friends at the same time, I’ll follow you, too! The Followers Only mode has cut down the number of unwanted (fake) followers.


Lore’s Pitch…

If you like my writing and know someone in publishing, I’m looking for representation. Besides my short stories, I have ten (yes: 10) completed manuscripts in the varying genres of contemporary romantic comedy, historic romance, and rural (not urban) fantasy. If interested, please contact me through my gmail username lorelippincott.

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